50 gr Doğal Malzeme Olivin Kuvars Kristali Taş Kaya Cips Şanslı Şifalı doğal taşlar ve mineraller akvaryum taş

Stok durumu:
Stokta var

Etiketler: Doğal Taşlar ve Mineraller, taşlar ve mineraller, taş Kaya, Ucuz doğal taş ve mineraller, Yüksek Kaliteli taşlar ve mineraller, Çin taş Kaya Tedarikçiler.

    ₺26.87 ₺33.58
  • Bölgesel Özelliği: Çin
  • Stil: Feng Shui
  • Tema: Peri
  • Malzeme: Taş

  • Paket Boyutu: 12cm x 12cm x 12cm (4.72in x 4.72in x 4.72in)
  • Paket Ağırlık: 0.05kg (0.11lb.)
  • Ünite Tipi: çok (50 Gram/lot)

"natural stone olivine!!! simple glass!!! natural olivine has been written when you order!!! (peridot peridot) stone natural врать why so that?? residence stone tested to your place! g. кубинка привокзальная area, 2nd gold вертекаль floor, jewelry making repair! has been tested stone hardness and density, the glass выявило it!!!!"
"There was so many in the bag. All peridots are indeed small, so these ones are actually medium size. The picture shows the largest that i've bought and all that was in the bag. The postal service had a little problem but the seller extended the time without problem, very atencious (the seller sended very fast, it was the post service that had issues). Recomend."

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